What We Do

We offer programs and services to:

  • Organizations including corporations and associations of every size, with senior management, middle managers, or sales teams who seek world-class speakers on topics such as business, strategy, leadership, sales, and negotiation. See more about┬áSpeakers
  • Deal Makers in who want to raise funds to capitalize on opportunities in Real Estate, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, Film and other Industries. See more about the Symposium
  • Attorneys who need expert counsel and opinions about cases. See more about our┬áExpert Witness
  • Investors seeking to place funds into private, high yield opportunities (Accredited, Non-Accredited, Institutional, International & Family Office Investors.)


Bullseye Capital, the brand name of Growth-Logic, Inc., is the Manager of the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC and the sponsor of the twice-annual, standard-setting Syndication and Hedge Fund Symposium program.


Joel G. Block

We have a long history in real estate syndication and venture capital, as well as having spent nearly 20 years operating a national advisory practice providing strategic consulting services to mid-market companies on sales, growth and strategic revenue initiatives.


We are an entrepreneurial company run by people who cherish the values of entrepreneurship; our team members are real-life operators and leading thinkers, speakers and authors in areas of sales, capital raising, CrowdFunding, negotiation, social media and more.


Joel began his career as a CPA with the prestigious firm of Price Waterhouse. During his time with the companyÔÇÖs Entrepreneurial Services Group, Joel immersed himself in the real estate syndication business. After reviewing hundreds of partnership agreements and preparing as many tax returns, he left Price Waterhouse in 1986 to start his own syndication firm, raising several million dollars in three short years. By 1990, Joel had built a property management firm of more than 40 employees with a portfolio exceeding $100 million. Joel continues to syndicate real estate and other assets, as well as counseling other promoters on successful syndication strategies. He is also involved in film financing and invests in early stage companies and other deals.


For more information on Joel Block, please see his Wikipedia page.