Know Who Your Customers Are

Know Who Your Customers Are

Do you know who your customers are? Once you know what product or service you are offering and the niche you want to own, you need to zero in on the people who are going to buy from you. You aren’t going to sell many skateboards in a nursing home – unless the residents are buying them for their grandchildren.

You must develop clear pictures of your customers, whether they are companies or individuals. Age, income, and other demographic characteristics can all be useful for defining Mr. or Ms. Ideal Customer, though not all characteristics will be of equal importance. The better you understand your customers, the more compelling you can make your promotional materials, advertising campaigns, and sales pitches.

You ampicillin side effects may also find that your products or services appeal to more than one demographic group – and you’ve got twice the opportunity (or more) to make sales. Although products or services may cut across several demographic groups, different groups may buy from you for different reasons. You are much more likely to succeed in selling to each of these groups by tailoring your sales material and your sales approach to suit each group.

So, as you are working hard every day to build your company, or as you’re building your career, always start out by defining who your target markets are and why they buy from you. Do this, and you’ll know how to make the sale.

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  • Linwood


    I have been wanting to start my own speaking business for a long time. I have identified my niche and want to jump in feet first but, were do I jump from? I have content and I practice daily but i dont know were to get started. I am tired of working for someone else it is my turn to earn. Any words of wisdom you can give me would be priceless.

    Thank you Linwood Noble Florida….

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