Keith Harmeyer – Systems for Innovative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving [Podcast]

Keith Harmeyer – Systems for Innovative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving [Podcast]

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Systems for Innovative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving






With Guest: Keith Harmeyer

Keith Harmeyer is all about ideas!

He is an author, speaker, consultant, and recognized thought leader on the topics of innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and persuasive communication.

Keith is a founding partner at SmartStorming, where he helps organizations, teams and individuals think and perform more innovatively, every day, and is co-author of the book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas.

Keith has shared his insights with an international audience of thousands of corporate professionals from companies like Google, Under Armour, NBCUniversal, Siemens, Diageo, Omnicom Group, WPP, NETSCOUT, Macmillan Publishing, numerous marketing communication firms, and has even taught his innovative problem-solving process to graduate students at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Prior to his work at SmartStorming, Keith worked as a creative director at several New York City advertising agencies, where he generated business-building ideas for some of the world’s leading brands. He is also a former professional singer and actor, and has appeared in opera and theater productions throughout the country.

Keith is a graduate of Loyola and Tulane Universities, both in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Today, he lives at the beach in South Florida, with his wife, Vivian.

Contact Info:

Keith Harmeyer

Author, Speaker, Facilitator

SmartStorming, LLC

(347) 453-9644 (Mobile)

[email protected]




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