Damian Mason – Launching an Enterprise, Comedy Style [Podcast]

Damian Mason – Launching an Enterprise, Comedy Style [Podcast]

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Launching an Enterprise, Comedy Style




With Guest: Damian Mason

Damian Mason is an entrepreneur, speaker, farm owner, author, podcaster, and self -made business person. He’s actually lived and accomplished what he talks about. Damian delivers insights and information to inspire individuals and organizations to Do Business Better. Audiences positively respond to his real world examples, straight talk, and smart, comedic edge.

Details About Damian:

  • Has spoken to nearly 2,000 business audiences in 50 U.S. states and 7 foreign countries
  •  Is a Certified Speaking Professional less than 1,000 professional presenters hold the designation granted by the National Speakers Association
  • Screen Actors Guild member yes, he’s acted in two major motion pictures alongside stars like Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, and Leslie Nielsen
  • Owns and manages DaLoRosa Farms a combination of timber, rental crop land, hay, and a small beef operation
  • Prior to starting his own business, was a sales rep for Cooper Industries, now part of Eaton Corporation
  • Resigned his corporate post at age 25 to become a political comedian
  • Started his own window cleaning business at age 19
  • Had his first job at age 8 on the Indiana dairy farm where he was raised
  • Degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University
  • Studied scene writing and improvisational comedy at Second City Chicago
  • Youngest of nine children, slept in a crib until age 6, refuses to share now!
  • Damian lives with his wife, Lori, and their dog, Jack between their Indiana farm and a winter home in Arizona

Damian Mason

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