Rita Craig – Reducing Friction by Eliminating Discriminatory Behaviors [Podcast]

Rita Craig – Reducing Friction by Eliminating Discriminatory Behaviors [Podcast]

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Reducing Friction by Eliminating Discriminatory Behaviors




Rita Craig

With Guest: Rita Craig

As the president of Top Tier Leadership, Rita Barreto Craig has an impressive career as a human resources consultant, coach and speaker. Prior to founding her own company, Rita was a human resources executive for twenty–three years with a Florida Power & Light Company. She served as the company’s first female Division Human Resources Manager, the first Diversity Director winning top honors within two years among utilities of like size throughout the United States and first Senior Affairs Advisor responsible for developing and implementing programs for seniors. She also served as the corporate EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) officer for the company, which had 15,000 employees. As the Director of Development and Performance she led a team charged with developing and delivering innovative learning options aimed at building a high–performance culture. Rita played an integral role when the company applied for and ultimately won the Deming Prize for Quality – the first company outside of Japan to earn this coveted award. Dealing with all levels internally and externally, she quickly excelled and climbed the corporate ladder to become one of the leaders of the organization.


One of the ways I help Corporate America defend against disruption – anti-discrimination consulting and training.  As you can imagine, I’m quite busy as I also conduct investigations.

Contact Info:

Rita B. Craig


Top Tier Leadership

P.O. Box 30846

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420

(561) 775-3396 (Mobile)

[email protected]


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