Lance Miller – Secrets of a World Champion Speaker [Podcast]

Lance Miller – Secrets of a World Champion Speaker [Podcast]

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Secrets of a World Champion Speaker




lance miller

With Guest: Lance Miller

An award-winning speaker and leadership and communication coach, Lance has spoken as a guest on over 150 television and talk radio shows and delivered over 5,000 presentations in more than 55 countries. Lance brings a unique mix of talent and life experience to the podium. An avid traveler and adventurer, he has sailed transatlantic, cycled from St. Petersburg Russia to Oslo, Norway, rafting whitewater rivers across the US and piloted his own aircraft hundreds of hours. He is an advocate of, and has worked on behalf of many, local & international humanitarian causes. Lessons of leadership, integrity, responsibility, and honesty are the hallmarks of his messages. Among his many accomplishments, in 2005, he emerged from a field of 30,000 contestants spanning 120 countries to earn the title of Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking.


Contact Info:

Lance Miller

Executive & Organizational Performance


1418 Wabasso Way

Glendale, CA 91208

(818) 243-0585 (Business)

(818) 400-8999 (Mobile)

[email protected]

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