Dr. Karen Jacobson – Achieving Peak Performance [Podcast]

Dr. Karen Jacobson – Achieving Peak Performance [Podcast]

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Achieving Peak Performance



With Guest: Dr. Karen Jacobson

Israeli Military Commander. Doctor. Champion Ballroom Dancer.  What these have in common isn’t the what, it’s the WHO.  Dr. Karen Jacobson integrates her diverse background into her personal brand as a Keynote Speaker into corporate events, state and national conferences, including team training.

With more than 30 years of training experience, Dr. Karen mesmerizes audiences with her high-caliber presentation-style while relating her ground-breaking framework regarding communication in the face of adversity and arduous military training then later becoming an award-winning Ballroom dancer.

As an expert in communication, Dr. Karen Jacobson is the creator of the “High-Performance Triad” a trademark-pending effective strategy for creating YOUR highest edge. Your audience will leave energized and armed with an arsenal of new skill sets and tools to provide lasting transformation

Contact Info:

Dr. Karen Jacobson

High Performance Strategist, Speaker

(480) 447-6463 (Business)

[email protected]

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