Meet Andy Cahan: The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Hear of [Podcast]

Meet Andy Cahan: The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Hear of [Podcast]

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Meet Andy Cahan: The Most Famous Musician You’ve Never Hear of



Andy Cahan

With Guest: Andy Cahan

By Andy Cahan: My story is about what it was like to work as a professional among celebrity performers who relied on me for ideas, technological expertise, inspiration, problem-solving and friendship. Beginning with my early influences with film making and classical music to my successful journey through all aspects of the entertainment industry including traveling the world, performing on stage, film and television, operating my own record company in conjunction with graphics, manufacturing and distribution, owning my own recording studio producing major icons in the music industry. I have had vast experience both on stage and behind the scenes in the entertainment world.My life in music has given me so many opportunities to work with many of the best and most celebrated musicians in the business: recording with such luminaries as Jimi Hendrix, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, The Turtles, Jimmy Webb, Eric Carmen, Dr. John The Night Tripper and Seals & Croft to name a few; Performing on The Grammy’s and American Bandstand as Music Director for Little Richard and Chuck Berry; working on cartoon soundtrack music with Ray Bolger, and television commercials with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. My story has many surprises and comprehensive historical values.

Contact Info:

Andy Cahan
Music Director
The Turtles, Little Richard, Chuck Berry.
Los Angeles, California
(818) 489-4490 (Mobile)
[email protected]

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