Brian Barry – Optimal Performance [Podcast]

Brian Barry – Optimal Performance [Podcast]

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Optimal Performance



brian barryWith Guest: Brian Barry

Twice ranked #1 Globally for Trainer Quality for Dale Carnegie Global Corporate. 9x Finalist. Over 30 years of diversified international experience in performance improvement, leading cross-functional teams in DoD, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Tech, Biotech, Diversity, Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Non-Profit, Entertainment, Food, Health Care, Financial, and numerous other sectors. Author, Keynote Presenter, and award winning expert in conflict resolution, critical thinking, complex problem solving,consultative sales management, strategic human resources, organization design, operations, Emotional Intelligence, Board Leadership. Top Rookie Award for North America in Sales. Globally recognized for identifying root cause people & process performance challenges and leading organizations, teams, and individuals, to optimal, measurable performance.

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