Doug Morneau – The Inside Track on Email Marketing [Podcast]

Doug Morneau – The Inside Track on Email Marketing [Podcast]

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The Inside Track on Email Marketing [Podcast]



With Guest: Doug Morneau

Doug Morneau is an author, speaker, podcaster, marketer, and media buyer specializing in sponsored email. His first book THREE BIG LIES: The Real Truth About Renting Email Lists to Generate Targeted Leads and Sales became an International Best Seller. Doug is passionate about helping his clients with marketing strategy as a media buyer, and he has helped his venture capital and investment banker clients raise in excess of $100 million dollars in the USA. He does this by leveraging email marketing, renting/sponsoring third-party permission-based email lists, online PPC advertising, and paid influencer marketing.  


Email: [email protected]¬†¬†¬†


Phone:  888-430-4892   


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