Sean Doyle – The Inside Track On the Science Behind Marketing [Podcast]

Sean Doyle – The Inside Track On the Science Behind Marketing [Podcast]

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The Inside Track On the Science Behind Marketing



Sean Doyle

With Guest: Sean Doyle

Sean M. Doyle is principal at FitzMartin Inc, a leading consultancy focused on sales marketing and management, sales and marketing technology services, and revenue operations. Sean and his team at FitzMartin are focused on long term value creation through a sales-first, scientific approach to driving revenue.  

 Sean knows that if you aren’t making sales, the rest doesn’t matter. It is for this reason he works to apply the science of behavioral change to help executives plan, position, and increase sales revenue.  

Over a 25+ year career and more than 5,000 client engagements, Sean has amassed unmatched expertise in helping B2B companies sell more to their most profitable customers. While he has consulted with several major clients including Georgia Pacific, his forte is helping $5MM to $70MM companies — which makeup the largest segment of American businesses — to improve operations and grow revenue.  

 Sean’s latest book, Shift, explores 19 practical ideas, grounded in the science of behavior change, that can transform a business’s marketing efforts and, by natural extension, its profitability. A native Pennsylvanian who’s put down deep Southern roots, Sean is a man of family and faith who strives to be a selfless leader. On weekends, you’ll find him out fishing local streams and teaching the art of fly fishing to anyone who wants to tag along. 



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