Rasha Drachkovitch – The Inside Track on the Reality of Reality TV [Podcast]

Rasha Drachkovitch – The Inside Track on the Reality of Reality TV [Podcast]

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The Inside Track on the Reality of Reality TV


 Rasha Drachkovitch

With Guest: Rasha Drachkovitch

Rasha Drachkovitch is one of the television industry’s most daring and adventurous producers. Since co-founding 44 Blue Productions in 1984, Rasha has established the company as an award-winning leader in non-fiction programming. In pursuit of great stories, he has been stoned in the West Bank, shot at in Soweto, chased by the Yakuza in Tokyo, and he was the first Western producer ever to film inside a Chinese prison.  Rasha’s creative vision has taken the company from its original roots in sports and action-adventure programming to the exploration of mass incarceration with the critically acclaimed MSNBC prison docuseries Lockup, one of the longest-running series on television; to the redefining of celebrity family docuseries with A&E’s twice Emmy-nominated Wahlburgers, produced in association with Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg; genre-busting first responder documentary series Nightwatch (A&E) and First Responders Live (FOX), both produced in association with Dick Wolf; hit Netflix series Jailbirds, about female inmates in Sacramento County Jail; and the much-loved, long-running Animal Planet series Pit Bulls & Parolees. The company has won multiple awards for its programming, including Peabody, Emmy®, Gracie and GLAAD awards. If he’s not on the road, you can catch Rasha walking on his tread-desk watching his Stanford Cardinal on ESPN. 




Rasha Drachkovitch  

Co-CEO and Co-Founder 

44 Blue Productions  

[email protected] 



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