Nick Amabile: The Inside Track on Making Better Decisions [Podcast]

Nick Amabile: The Inside Track on Making Better Decisions [Podcast]

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The Inside Track on Making Better Decisions


With Guest: Nick Amabile

Nick Amabile (pronounced: AM-uh-beel) is the Owner, CEO, and Principal Consultant of DAS42, a US data analytics consulting firm that helps companies make better decisions, faster. Founded in 2015, DAS42 is comprised of data analysts, scientists, business professionals, and engineers who provide end-to-end data services—including data strategy, tech stack integrations, application implementation, and enterprise analytics training.  


Nick’s FullStack Philosophy is centered around the two components critical to achieving data-driven success: building an effective data analytics environment and building a data-centric company culture. He brings world-class analytics and big data technologies like those he used and built at leading internet companies, including Omaze, Etsy, and, to his clients. Nick is passionate about and skilled at building internal teams and transforming companies at various stages of growth into data-centric organizations. His technical abilities and product management experience allow him to understand eCommerce and technology companies on a deep level. This allows him to create value quickly and consistently in many different areas of business. 



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