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The Backstory of the Crowdfunding Business – Part 2

Last week, I shared how the crowdfunding business has evolved from a donation-based model that has been largely taken over by business users who found that the donation-based crowdfunding rules provided a great way to skirt the commerce and securities rules. But one company did...

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The Backstory of the Crowdfunding Business – Part 1

The concept of crowdfunding is not new. In fact, it dates back to the beginning of the industrial revolution, over 200 years ago, when the earliest industrialists needed to pool capital to take their businesses to the next level. I can just imagine Henry Ford...

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Can The People Dismantle Wall Street?

The new crowdfunding rules are taking everyone by storm, and they're bound to have impact in ways that can only be guessed at so far. And only in the imagination of the most “crazy” of us, can we look down the road even a couple...

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My Experience with the Crowdfunding College

Last week, I went to Las Vegas to take a class on some of the new rules, strategies, and techniques being applied in the crowdfunding industry. I am very excited to report that it was well worth the time invested. This program is put on by...

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Now that We can Advertise, Here is the Next Challenge

Entrepreneurs from all over the country are rejoicing at the SEC's lifting of the ban on advertising for private placements. Every entrepreneur in town is thinking that life just got a lot easier. In some ways, it has. I've already fielded dozens of calls from...

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Accredited Individuals or Institutions: That is the Question?

Raising Capital is an art form and it has to be executed with great precision in order to be successful. The first decision is where will the money come from? There are two large buckets of capital from very different sources that you might consider...

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