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Can The People Dismantle Wall Street?

The new crowdfunding rules are taking everyone by storm, and they're bound to have impact in ways that can only be guessed at so far. And only in the imagination of the most “crazy” of us, can we look down the road even a couple...

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My Experience with the Crowdfunding College

Last week, I went to Las Vegas to take a class on some of the new rules, strategies, and techniques being applied in the crowdfunding industry. I am very excited to report that it was well worth the time invested. This program is put on by...

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Syndication Success Spotlight – Note Buyers from the Midwest

I am really proud of our syndication program and its graduates. Some are starting to hit it out of the park. For that reason, we are launching a new focus area for our readers and syndication followers starting right now. A pretty nice number of people...

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Even My Wife was Shocked By This One

I love the private equity business. It's the deal business on steroids. It's a game for deal makers. Running the Deal Making Symposium and Syndication Seminar program has been a fabulous experience also. We meet the coolest people - highly accomplished real estate professionals, money people...

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Do Attorney’s Ever Litigate Good Contracts – Or Just Bad Ones?

Last year at a Real Estate Deal Making Symposium and Syndication Seminar program, the audience was treated to an extraordinary speaker who demonstrated, using real life examples, why good contracts are so critically important. Our presenter, Larry Rothstein, has put the majority of his presentation...

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