Meet Joel G. Block, CPA, CSP

Joel brings gravitas as a long-time venture capitalist and hedge fund manager (gobbledygook for “professional investor”) who lives in a Shark Tank world like what you see on TV. Companies regularly pitch ideas to Joel’s company, looking for business capital so he has learned to spot likely winners – frequently in 3 minutes or less and sometimes in under 30 seconds.

Speaking on business and money for over 15+ years, Joel has put together more than 40 companies; he has advised hundreds more and he has taught thousands of people innovative ways to think about leadership, strategy, sales, and money.

Signature Program

Be Disruption-Proof! How to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead of the Competition

If there’s anything executives, managers, and stakeholders should worry about, it’s a competitor innovating you right out of existence. Will you prepare to thrive or will you become irrelevant? Will you stay ahead of the curve and build a disruption-proof business? Joel Block, long-time venture capitalist and hedge fund manager lives in the fast-paced world where innovators gobble up each other for lunch. From 30 years of building and investing in growth businesses, Joel knows something about innovating, disrupting, and protecting against disruption. Learn Joel’s ten strategies for building business plans, revenue streams, and teams that produce multi-million dollar paydays. Follow Joel’s lead and become indispensable while defending against outside forces that seek to displace you.

More  Signature Programs

When It Comes to Money, Everything’s Rigged: Hedge Fund Manager Shows You How to Beat the System

Why do professional investors make more in five days than others make in five years? They understand that people who make the rules can leverage them in their favor. And your company or department can do the same to outwit your competition once Hedge Fund Manager Joel G. Block shows you how to beat the system. In this fun, fast-paced, controversial and stimulating program, Joel explains nine ways all markets are rigged, and how to overcome them in order to win. Joel untangles the often-confounding truths that mystify us – from air travel, to insurance, to banking, to politics – and explains how to prevent us from being separated from our cash. Joel shares his knowledge so you get the power – to put the odds back in your favor, all the while protecting your company from activist consumers on social media.

 Be the Red Ball: How to Get Your Leaders to Step Up and Lead

Are your people stuck? From CEOs to middle managers to line forepersons, organizations need people who get the ball rolling. Joel calls those leaders “Red Balls” because they propel everyone else into motion. Joel reveals actionable tactics for energizing the leaders in your organization so your business rolls in the right direction. Every organization needs these Red Balls to inspire others into action. When your people are stuck, unleash Joel’s nine hyper-strategies on the Red Balls in your organization to create massive momentum, nurture breakthroughs, and blaze new trails.

Unlike most business speakers, Joel explains sophisticated concepts around personal effectiveness, money, and business leadership in plain English – no jargon, no hype, and no fluff.  Nobody breaks down complex issues like Joel Block with hard-won lessons and practical principles from the real world to help your attendees gain traction personally, professionally, and financially.


Nicknamed The Money-Making Guy™, Joel’s massively unique and immensely powerful leadership, sales, and disruptive innovation message is perfect for senior management, middle managers, and sales teams. His programs are refreshingly memorable, quotable, and actionable so your people leave your event ready to think, act, and work differently – impacted by big ideas and actionable insights at the convergence of money, success, and significance.


If you’re ready for real transformation in your results using contrarian thinking and insider strategies delivered in a down-to-earth, humorous, and winning style, engage Joel to keynote your next conference, convention, or meeting but only if you want to get ahead and stay ahead.


When it comes to performance and results, he’ll help your attendees hit the bullseye every time.